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Logo Trigos BakeryTRIGO’S BAKERY: is an innovative company that was established in the state of Utah in 2022.

This baking industry arose from the alliance of knowledge and experiences from experts in the industry:  who specialized in food production and gastronomy, they come together to develop a production plant that complements the institutional, modern, and traditional local market channels.

Trigo’s Bakery can meet the needs of the local community or businesses, as well as serve institutional channels. Such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets that require products from the bakery industry.

We are committed to product innovation to meet the customer’s requirements in shape, size, and weight.

We will continuously work with our customers to create positive results, and satisfaction, and deliver excellent quality products.

Trigo’s Bakery

“It seems that every country that can get its hands on butter has its opinion of what butter cream frosting should be. Some are made with eggs and butter.”

David Heredia Founder of Trigo's Bakery Trigo’s Bakery